BizTalk Issue:How to use substring function in orchestration

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Let us see


Just try with following things,
There’s a few things you can’t access directly it the Orchestration designer, like Generics and Typed Arrays.
If you need string.Split, you’ll have to use a helper class.

In a helper class add method like,

public static string GetSourceDate(string receiverGSSegment)
string srcDate = string.Empty;
if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(receiverGSSegment))
srcDate = receiverGSSegment.Split(‘*’).ToArray()[4].Substring(0, 4) + ‘-‘ + receiverGSSegment.Split(‘*’).ToArray()[4].Substring(4, 2) + ‘-‘ + receiverGSSegment.Split(‘*’).ToArray()[4].Substring(6, 2);
return srcDate;

And use it in Orchestration shape like,




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