how to check which sql-server Service pack is installed on system?

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Let us see solution


To check the SQL SERVER Information of Installed Version use this script:

              SERVERPROPERTY('MachineName') as Host,
              SERVERPROPERTY('InstanceName') as Instance,
              SERVERPROPERTY('Edition') as Edition, /*shows 32 bit or 64 bit*/
              SERVERPROPERTY('ProductLevel') as ProductLevel, /* RTM or SP1 etc*/
              Case SERVERPROPERTY('IsClustered') when 1 then 'CLUSTERED' else
              'STANDALONE' end as ServerType,
              @@VERSION as VersionNumber

Product level will determine if you have SP1, SP2 Installed or not.


SQL Server 2008 R2 – identify which service pack is installed on system


Result Set:



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